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Creating a Better America

American flag

America Comes Together

It's What Makes Us Special

As a nation, just like in football, after a tough political contest, we come together in the spirit of unity.

This Land Is Our Land

Because Our Neighbors Run Our Elections

We are grateful to our neighbors who dedicate their time to ensure our elections are safe and secure. We thank them for our service—and for reminding us just how great American democracy really is. 

Our Neighbors Run Our Elections

Our election workers are our teachers, nurses, fire fighters, retirees, and high school students. Every day Americans who give their time because they believe in our democracy. 

Americans Are Voting More Than Ever Before

Over 3-in-5 Americans voted in the 2020 Election and hundreds of thousands of election workers made sure their votes were counted. 

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Doing Good for Our Neighborhood—And Our Nation. 

When all you hear is bad news, don't forget to look for the helpers. They are everywhere, in every state, county, and little town. Doing what needs to be done to uplift us all. 

About Us

For us, being good neighbors begins at the local level. At the Better Neighbors Network, our mission is to serve local community leaders and support them in expanding their impact, promoting our shared goal of better neighborhoods and better neighbors. 

4th of July parade


We look to understand each other, even when we have different opinions.


Even when we don't agree, we believe it is important to understand the feelings others have and listen to their needs.


We have complete faith that what we do here on Earth will follow us to Heaven.


Together, we can change our world for the better.



For any questions or concerns email contact@betterneighborsnetwork.org

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