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House GOP Threatens to Cut Social Security and Medicare for Seniors over Debt Crisis

Our country is facing a dangerous economic moment as we draw closer and closer to the debt ceiling. Instead of working together to deal with this issue and focusing on the needs of ordinary Americans, the GOP has spent its time accusing Democrats of being at fault.

On CBS’s Face the Nation, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy berated Democrats for their role in increasing spending over the past years, but neglected to acknowledge the GOP and Donald Trump’s impact on the national debt.

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In the last four years of the Trump presidency:

  • 24.8% of the $31 trillion national debt was incurred

  • national debt rose by $7.8 trillion

  • the Coronavirus Relief and Spending Bill added $3.7 trillion to the national debt

Now, as the House GOP scrambles to find ways to decrease spending, senior Americans are at risk of losing Social Security and Medicare benefits they depend on to live. McCarthy has claimed this is off the table, but backroom talks continue as we move closer and closer to defaulting on the national debt in June.

The House GOP is more concerned with political posturing than focusing on what Americans really need.

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