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Firefighters protect ancient Sequoia trees in California

Sequoia National Park houses some of the oldest, biggest and most lovely trees on earth. But these trees have been threatened by massive wild fires in recent weeks. The fire, called KNP Complex, began from two bolts of lightning and has consumed 37 square miles of vegetation.

Thankfully, brave firefighters have been winning the battle to save these ancient Sequoia trees from the blaze threatening them in Sequoia National Park. They saved the trees by wrapping them in tin foil, which is fire resistant. Well done firefighters!

Still, a state of emergency has been declared as the fire threatens these unique living specimens. The authorities have closed a large part of this popular park while firefighters continue to battle the fire back and preserve the park, which is home to the famous General Sherman, which at 275ft high and 83ft in girth is the world's largest living thing.

While the park's most famous trees have been protected, damage to nearby groves of ancient sequoias has still not been assessed.



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